how hail damage is assessed

How Is Hail Damage Is Assessed On A Car In Denver

Hailstorms can definitely wreak havoc on a car’s exterior. And the chance of having this kind of issue is great if you’re living in a place like Denver where hail and other similar forces of nature are prevalent.

Good thing, most car repair services are offering quality hair damage repair in different states. But how is hail damage assessed on a car? Even if this type of repair is usually covered by your insurance policy, getting a fair price estimate is still important so you’ll be protected from low-ball estimates.

Stick around as we’ll tackle more into this topic in today’s entry.

What Are Usually Included In The Assessment?

When doing a hail damage repair estimate on your vehicle, it usually deals with these 4 primary considerations:

1. Paintless Dent Repair – This pertains to the time and labor the technician must spend to address all the hail damaged parts and dents without having to repaint the car.

The price of PDR service is usually based on a guide called a “pricing matrix”. This list determines the cost of repair based on the number of indentations on the panel, size, width, and depth. Aside from that, PDR service is also charged per panel of the vehicle.

2. Removal And Installation (R&I) Cost – This is the cost of labor to remove and then install the parts back again so the technician can gain access to the problem areas and perform the PDR process.

This aspect covers the labor rendered to remove certain parts so the technician can access areas affected by hail easily. And the R&I times are often based on the model, year, and make of the car.

Most shops keep a database of these details for quicker price estimation. On the other hand, insurance agencies make use of book time to determine the exact value that they’re willing to pay for the removal and installation.

3. Parts Replacements – Sometimes, certain parts of the vehicle like the windshield has to be replaced as their damage is definitely beyond repair. Likewise, chrome moldings have to be ordered and replaced if they are also struck by hailstones.

4. Sales Tax – Most repair shops charge sales taxes on cars, and this applies to hail repair services in Denver.

Tips In Avoiding Low-Ball Estimates

Most reputable and credible PDR companies follow a similar process in providing estimates for hail damage. So if you go to a shop and their estimate is either too high or too low, that indicates they are giving you the wrong estimate.

Likewise, be cautious if your insurance company recommends a shop with a very low estimate than what you can expect from a reputable PDR company. That’s because some insurance companies make “sweetheart deals” with auto shop repairers by giving low estimates in exchange for more referrals. And the worst part is, the service being given is not thorough and the resulting repair is of high quality.

So be sure to choose a reputable paintless dent removal company right from the very start to ensure fair and just estimate with guaranteed results.

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